About Us

Arkins was founded in the Fall of 2014 with the idea that comfortable, quality clothing should be produced in a socially conscious manner. We believe in excluding the negative impacts of fashion and building sustainable products that you'll love through the years.

About Our Production
We work with a local factory in the heart of Manhattan's Garment District to produce small batches, keeping styles exclusive and to reduce waste. We also make a lot of styles on a made-to-order basis in-house. Our workers rights are respected and they are always fairly paid.

About Our Textiles
  • Our rib knit fabrics have been grown by fairly paid farmers in the Aegean region of Turkey and India. Fibers are then shipped to Portugal or Turkey to be knitted and dyed with PETA approved dyestuff. Get to know our fabric supplier! 
  • Our woven fabrics are revived deadstock that we have repurposed from past collections.